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qm comprar pra mim prometo mandar o pix de 10


i would love to see this on steam, only way I’d be able to purchase it. Please consistent! will not let me download this for any of the downloads and I'm so mad rn

When I go to install it it comes up with an error

Aff sou pobre

Algum BR comprou pra me dizer se vale a pena??? To muito tentada a comprar

socorro faz uma versão pra Android e q seja grátis ! 😭 sou pobre

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veyy, criei essa conta só pra te perguntar: ela posta mais coisas do Micah no Patreon dela q é exclusivo pra quem assina? E você achou alguma gameplay desse Video Call NFSW?? Eu procuro em todo lugar e n achoo sou pobre tbm kkkkkk

hey, can someone help me? I bought it and downloaded the windows version, and when I wanted to start it from the folder it told me to e ìxtract everything from the folder, but after I did that nothing changed. Mybe I'm missing some programs  on my pc

It wont change it's supposed to be like that just click on the one that says the name of the game


Please put it on Steam, my debit card for some reason never goes through on or Patreon,  so I can't buy it.


Will do right now!

thank you!!


*intense sniffing* 

someone:wtf is wrong with him

me :THE VOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DADDY 10000000000000000 out of ten bleeds from nose LMAO

i have commited a sin a good sin i may have gotten fanart made of my oc with micah not wholesome


RAHHHHH WHY DO I GOTTA BE BROKE !!! life is unfair fr


It doesn’t have “Lake” as a name :(

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cue gay panic


When you make a version for android you can leave it for free I don't have money to buy it 😥💔




That was smexy


I really hope the author can post it on Steam.It's very important to me




Will this get an Android version as well?



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>I would love to play but when I try to download it it saying "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website" never seen this in my life help plz XD lol

That's the same thing I keep getting


Will this dlc be on steam later? I've played the game on steam and am very willing to pay for the full version and subsequent dlc.

But I don't have a Visa, and I can't use paypal properly with my country's network and bank card, so I'll be more likely to buy it if it's on steam :3


idk how i didn't realize his dick was out the entire time lmao




is this dlc on steam???


why i have to live in Latinamerica!? WE DON'T HAVE ANY DOLLARS  HERE :(


hah-  same dfvjikbsdfv


Me fr



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Don't have a cell phone?!? I'm going to cry 😭😭


too high, this was good, but nothing changed much

I love him so much it's crazy! Even though it didn't really work, it's okay... I'm glad that I supported the creator and that I played the game again. he turned my horn into happ!! I'm glad I played it, thank you for making it! ^^


I hope this gets updated with the name system some day! Kinda sucks having my name be "User" just cause it cant access my pc's profile name haha

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I bought it and downloaded it on mobile but have no idea how or where to find or view it at all can anyone help or just how do I get a refund? (I don’t have a MacBook or anything like that :(.)

maybe a pc is necessary:(im the same as urs…whereismypc😭


can anyone tell me what to do after u downloaded the nsfw files ??? WHAT DO I DO NEXT TWT


im not sure since i only played the other game but if this one is the same u just have to extract all


i want it but im broke as




be so serious. be so so serious. i love him but there are boyfriend asmrs on YOUTUBE that are better


Did you need to reply to them with that? They were just stating their opinion

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