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A bickering and bantering rivals-to-lovers visual novel

Against your better reasoning, you video call Micah. Your heart is pounding, electricity tingles in your veins and prickles your skin with an adrenaline-lined regret. You realize a second too late that maybe you shouldn’t have done this, but he already picks up before the first ring ends. 

Micah scrunches his face, blearily blinking at you whilst rubbing the sleep from his eyes and your heart picks up. He answered even though it is late.

“What’s up, loser?” He tries to hold back a yawn, a testament to his exhaustion. But he still picked up anyway… “Why are you calling me at 3 A.M.? Shouldn’t you be sleeping like the angel you are?” He offers a lazy smirk with his words, “Don’t tell me you miss me.”

His voice is a mellowed timbre, rough by the drowse but thick with tease— and a jolt of butterflies rush throughout your body. You’re too embarrassed to admit it, but the late night encourages you and you’re too tired to deny it right away. Which is why your face flushes and your lips part in a silent stammer. 

It takes a second for Micah to register your reaction, but once he does a blush of his own creeps on his face and he slaps a hand over his reddening cheeks. Between his fingers, a whimper filters through. “Don’t tell me you actu—.”

You were not going to let him finish that sentence. Your own pride wouldn’t allow it and you quickly gathered your bravado to draw up a cocky smile. “Wowwwww, if I knew my silence was all it took for you to crumble, I would’ve become a mime.”

Micah buries his face in his hands with a squeak. Your heart is wild in your ribcage, scared for him to see through your front but also wishing that he’ll call you out on your bullshit. However, the two of you have been tiptoeing around each other for too long— dancing between flirts, hiding behind flimsy hates. It’s getting hard to breathe and you realize then that you’re holding your breath, clinging to a chance that both of you are too timid to chase. 

And you know this when Micah draws back to face you with an arrogant grin. He’s drawing his own courage again, his own tentative straw wall that can be knocked down with a simple tease from you, and the two of you are back to waltzing around the affections the both of you are unwilling to name. It’s a comfort but it’s a nuisance, a familiarity but a chagrin.

Micah laughs. “Awww~ but if you did that, I wouldn’t be able to hear your snarky remarks, angel.” He cradles his chin on his palm, cocking his head to a degree. Micah’s teasing you again.

“You’re such a flirt. Do you really think anyone would fall for that?” You follow after him, lacing your tone with that routine lightness, taunting him back.

Micah’s face softens and your breath hitches at the sincerity in his golden eyes. “I don’t think anyone else would fall for that. Just you.”



1 Hot snarky asshole man (stupid f-ing smirk man_)

pronoun opSIONS!! <3 <#

3 endings (1 bad end, 1 good end, 1 proposal)

hella soundtracks and songs

some amount of play time? like 1-3 hours depending on how ur vibing

ability to hack into the dev's PC and change ur m00ds

frisghteining ability to make hacking look like a hangman puzzle

5 million dollars



an absurd of amount of Jenny asking u to follow the kickstarter




CUSSING!! bad language :(( fuck

having  feelings maybe??? fallin' in love???? lol simp

Rated PG-13!

Warnings that contains spoilers

Partners in Crime

Director: Jenny Vi Pham 

Writers: Jenny Vi Phamreidubu, Ma-rinaAmelie, Dodo

Animators: MaitaxiaeomAudOhntofuriinLukaTheaartszNine

Artist: rainslices (lead artist, sprites & character designer), ToraXavierKanonAngelxiaeom, Blossompuppy

UI-Design: Faranesque 

Programmer: Marionette,Ma-rina, OoyuJenny Vi Pham

Sound Designers: Jayson Ng Zon Guankrohkrzyzis, Kija

Voice Actor: Corey Wilder 

Playthroughs, fanart, reposts (with credits), and fan edits are encouraged! All soundtracks are made by us so you don’t have to worry about copyright.


For anyone who's having trouble with the game or want to know how to get the available endings, please refer to this document!

FIND OUT MORE: Twitter | Tiktok | Discord | Patreon | Kickstarter 

(NSFW and your name can be voice acted if you go on the Patreon <3)

Soundtrack: Spotify | Apple Music | Soundcloud

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJenny Vi Pham
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Cute, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Meaningful Choices, Narrative, Otome, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Blog, Community, Patreon


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Micah is so babygirl <3


I love this game with my whole heart! Hope to see the game's community grow even more!!


I love this game so much, its really quirky and funny. The character Micah is so so enchanting and I adore the Devs for creating such a beautiful and amazing rival XD now my favorite trope is rivals to lovers. 

I'm waiting to see more of Micah in the future updates, mainly cause im super hooked on the story!!!! and lastly because playing this game is not just aesthically pleasing but so so much fun too <3 Love you all, 



Ahhhh Micahhh! this game is brilliant!!


certified micah yujin simp [:
hehe pretty discord mod


i love him so much! in terms of chatroom romances, this is such a unique  idea and flows perfectly! Can't wait for the full game to come out!!


A cute gremlin guy <3


I've never fell for a 2D character so HARD.


Micah is such a fun character.  Love this game and can't wait to buy future DLCs lmao




this game is literally everything. theres so much personality in the writing and the art, ill go back to play a scene and end up playing the entire game all over again. Micah Yujin is tattooed on my brain.


i love this game so much i can't even explain it with words, so keyboard smash have to do ajeksbgrzfdshkjhzrjhn IT'S SO GOOD, the story, the character, THE ART??? HELLO???? A whole ass masterpiece that deserves a spot in the louvre museum.


no because i literally cannot stress how much i love this game!!! Its so well done, from the voice acting, the visual art, and the overall plot and storyy!! AND ALSO HOW DORKY MICAH FUCKING YUJIN IS UGHHHWBSJWMDM I LOVE HIM THANK YOU FOR SM FOR MAKING THIS GAME


I've that the synopsis of this game really fits the goofiness of you hot rival! This game is super fun, as a handful of really good lofi beats to cycle through as you play, and I honestly could gush about how natural (i personally feel) the voice acting is.

It's fun, I love that I can pick rhey/them pronouns, and the trailer says up front what kind of hot, I mean really super cute rival and kitty duo, you're getting. My only negative comment is I wish I could see the cat more :D


i would do literally anything for this man


Micah Yujin my beloved, I would commit atrocities against the nations if he so asked.


I'm crazy for this guy omg


I never thought that I had a real type but I was wrong and it’s Micah. 

(1 edit) (+3)

Hot guy and pronounce option, 10/10 game I wish I could arease my memories so I could play again for the first time


Its a cool game<3


honestly one of the best otome games I've played in a long time! I love Micah sm <33 amazing work from everyone involved!! hugs for all of you <3333


this game cured me of every ailment and i want to eat micah yujin (affectionate)




It's not letting me download it 


come to the troubleshooting part in our discord server! We’ll assist you! Discord.gg/error143


I really love this game! Micah is such a sweet dork and I was blushing super hard whenever he started flirting haha. 10/10 <3


I absolutely love the blooming panic inspo, I thought they had similar vibes but then I saw the poster in his room!! <3 <3 


i love micah so much i swear omg i was blushing almost the entire time PLEASE


This was undoubtedly the coziest visual novel I've played in awhile 💕

Putting aside the fact that the interface and minigames are genius, I felt so incredibly immersed in the story, it almost felt like Micah was actually there in the other side of the screen.

I'm so glad I picked this up, and god - I can't wait to see more of him.


This is soo cute! Had such a huge smile all the way through ♡♡♡




this was so adorable. honestly, this was so beautifully made. GOOODDD LOORRRDDDD


I just love how Micah has a Mysta poster in his room 。⁠:゚⁠(⁠;⁠´⁠∩⁠`⁠;⁠)゚⁠:⁠。


hellooo!!! just a question, whens the mobile one coming out?? ^-^

(1 edit) (+2)

ok, but how do I get the CG: the one with the car and the one with him and the cat? :< 



HIHI!! IM SO SORry but we are the evil and it's going to be an added cg if the kickstarter gets funded!!


WAAAAAAA, I better get a job quick then jfc, good luck with the kick start btw!!!!


I swear I wasn't going to fall for him until the video call but I just fell fricking hard. Micah has my heart! this is the best game I've ever played, everything about it is just PERFECT! <33


I love Love LOVE this game so far. The demo was amazing, I love Micah soooo much <3


i had this game a little bit ago and finished it all the way through and had to redownload it since i lost the file- i was hoping it would start over like when i first started the game but it saved everything (which is good but i wanna play it like its my first time lol) is there a way to start it over completely as if i had just started the game?

You can play the beginning parts again in calendar!


i got the proposal first try and panicked </3

overall very good game! loved it, the art was great :D


It is one of the best or the best dating sim I have played thanks for making such a wonderful work :)

(1 edit) (+3)

How did I get the secret ending first playthrough I wasn't even trying I'm so confused-


I didn't even check out if there was a walkthrough or secret passcode am I an idiot or some kind of FRICKEN MASTERMIND-

(1 edit) (+4)

Ah shit I've fallen for this fuckin dork lmfao, DAM U WRITERS HOW DARE U TAKIN MAH HART-

Also did ya'll guess record different lines for pplz name or somthin cuz the most surprising part was actually hearing him say the name put in (well, some didn't go through cuz they weren't names just usernames lol)

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