September Plans

Hey @everyone

Welcome to (almost) September! Here are my plans: 

Android and iOS release: September 7th - The mobile game will be ready for beta testing! It will be posted on Patreon! Depending on how we do this, it might not be an easily downloadable app, so keep in mind. I will update you on how to download it when we get to this point. We will then bug fix the game until… 

September 20th - We will release the game on the App Store and Google Play! When it comes out, please leave reviews as it helps a lot! 

Kickstarter: September 30th - It drops! Please follow it if you plan on getting the early bird deal! Here are the Kickstarter prices beforehand: 

Patreon’s Community Goal: We’ve hit 500 patrons! Thank you so much! We’re working on 2 NSFW games at the moment! One is an interactive fiction game with only words and many choices, making gender and parts customizable--as well as actions! The other one is similar to the ERROR143 game, but NSFW! Since this is just a little project we’re going on the side for Patreon, there will only be one CG. Coming out this month or early next month! (Fully voice acted ofc!) 

Community Goals: No community goals this month! I don’t have anything to give since we will be working on the mobile game and then the Kickstarter right away, but I do appreciate all of your reviews on Steam and Itch! 

The promised quiz: 

We are also currently working on the wedding fic atm for hitting the last month's goals! It should be out this month or early next month! 

Big Stream Event: I’ll be streaming with Corey Wilder, MICAH YUJIN’S VA! Until the Kickstarter gets funded! On the 29th! 

Bug fixes and small updates and voiced names will be updated on September 15th!

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I got here as fast as I could. Ohhhh goshh! <3


cant wait for it, i need more micah in my life, definetly becoming an early bird <3


God has blessed our Septembruh