A new version of the game is up!

Hey everyone! 

Bug fixes + Added Names + Auto Button

We’ve also updated some names and bug fixes!

There’s also a new auto button and some new assets!


Just wanted to let you know that the NSFW game that’s fully voiced is on Patreon! You can get it by pledging to the 25 tier or higher!

If you’d like to be a beta-tester for the Andriod version, you can do so by commenting here! This will be the Google Play version so it should be easy to download! 

The iOS version is kicking my ass harder than I thought it would. This may take a little more time. With the mobile versions causing trouble (as it’s my first time working with mobile versions), we won’t be able to hit the 20th deadline. However, I really want it to come out before the 29th, so we will be doing our best to get that out for you! 

On September 29th 10 PM PST

We’re going to have a stream where we play a Kahoot! game and winner (or winnerS, depending on how many people hop into stream!) gets to a get a Steam, Itch.io, iOS, or Andriod DLC key! Please come and join! 

The Kickstarter will be released on the 30th of September! Here’s the link and here is the reward information


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