October Plans!

Hello and welcome to October, everyone. What a busy day it was today! 

It’s a shame that the Kickstarter was suspended but I’m going to make the best out of it! I talked to the programmers today and we decided that the best release date for the mobile will be December 17th. 

I decided that it would be best to do the Kickstarter and a Kofi (will be putting both of those pages up at the same time for you) on December 18th. If anything goes wrong with Kickstarter once again, we will only be raising money over on Kofi! 

In the meantime, Patrons said that they want a bigger NSFW game, so I will be working on that during October and November. I won’t release a date for this, but I will keep everyone updated as we churn more out! 

Thank you for being so patient and understanding! We are still going to do Micah Yujin ASMR and add it to Youtube if we hit this month’s community goals which is to get 1k reviews on Steam (142 left) and Itch io (25 left) ! https://linktr.ee/jennyvipham

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Hey, i have a question! The new NSFW game will be just for Patrons??? Or u will release it as a paid DLC in the future? 

Anyways, great game and im excited for december to come!

Only for Patrons!